Yudia Gustri, Rico Januar Sitorus, Feranita Utama


Background: Preeclampsia is pregnancy hypertension disorder that significantly affect morbidity and maternal mortality word-wide. Preeclampsia occurs in 5-7% of all pregnancies and is the leading cause of maternal death in the developing world. The purpose of this research was to identify risk factors associated with the incidence of preeclampsia in pregnant women at the Hospital Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Palembang

Methods: This research used a case-control study design. The data used are secondary data from mothers medical record with preeclampsia and without preeclampsia in the period 1 January 2015-31 December 2015. The number of samples is 85 cases and controls. Analysis of  data used univariate, bivariat analysis used chi square test, and multivariate used multiple logistic regression prediction model.

Results: Multivariate analysis showed that factors associated with preeclampsia were age> 35 years (OR: 4.120; 95% CI: 1.715 to 9.897) obesity (OR: 2.134; 95% CI: 1.093 to 4.167) and a history of hypertension (OR: 12.143; 95% CI: 1.368 to 107.792).

Conclusion: The most dominant factor related to the incidence of preeclampsia in pregnant women is a history of hypertension. The Advice can be given that the relevant agencies to improve promotive and preventive efforts by providing socialization of the factors which may be a risk of preeclampsia so that cases of preeclampsia can be prevented at an early stage.

Keyword: preeclampsia, maternal, age, obesity, hypertension



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