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Background: Indonesia is a developing country with maternal mortality is still a major issue in the amount of 126 per 100,000 live births. Antenatal care has been proven to be effective in reducing maternal mortality. IDHS 2012 has been reported  that 95.7% of pregnant womens had received antenatal care, but only 74% meet the recommended schedule of government. In addition, 95,7% of pregnant women who visit antenatal are not all get the components of services of antenatal care that has been recommended. The aim study is analyze determinants of utilization of antenatal care service

Method: This study is a quantitative study using cross sectional study design with the population of women who ever married and ever pregnancy/childbirth at the time of IDHS. Data analysis in this study consisting of three phases, namely univariate, bivariate with chi square test and multivariate logistic regression with predictive models.

Results: The results showed based on data from Demographic and Health Survey 2012 that the variables significantly associated with the utilization of adequate antenatal care are economic status (PRadjusted=1,310,CI 95%;1,310-1,943),education (PRadjusted=1,595,CI 95%;1,285-1,876), complications of pregnancy (PR= 1,32,CI 95%;1,066-1,637), and place of antenatal care (PRadjusted=1,816,CI 95%;1,510-2,185). Variables that are not significantly associated with  the utilization of utilization antenatal care are age, exposed to general media, paritas and residence. The most dominant variable that significantly associated with the utilization of antenatal care after controlling for other variables are variables place of antenatal care (PRadjusted=1.816,CI 95%;1,510-2,185).

Conclusion: Economic status, woman education, complications during pregnancy and place of antenatal care are significantly associated with the utilization of adequate antenatal care in Indonesia. Health promotion to pregnant women and families with low economic and education of the importance of adequate antenatal care is needed to improve the utilization of appropriate antenatal care in reducing morbidity and mortality of mothers and children during and after pregnancy in Indonesia.

Keywords: Antenatal Care, Utilization, Factors.




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