Yustini Ardillah


Background: Lead is a heavy metal which is very dangerous in body. A Lead exposing continuously to somebody will have accumulative effect. This study aim was to elaborate risk factors of lead in blood.

Method : This was a literature review from some journals and books.

Result: Environment is major factor in affecting to someone lead intake.  Age, sex, nutrition level will also affect to someone blood level in supporting to absorb and metabolism of lead in body. Then, someone behavior such as smoking is also as an enabling factor to have more lead level.

Conclusion: Therefore, modification of environment or environment improvement to decrease air lead level will significantly decrease lead exposure. Preventing program such as supplement to those have exposed by lead continuously should be implemented to reduce or to eliminate lead level in blood.

Keywords: blood lead level, risk factor


DOI: https://doi.org/10.26553/jikm.2016.7.3.150-155


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