Publication Ethics


  1. The manuscripts submitted for publication must be original research articles that have not been previously published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  2. The authors are not involved in an act of plagiarism.
  3. All the authors must agree to the submission and to the order of their names on the title page.
  4. Authors must follow the criteria described in the Author Guidelines of JIKM.
  5. Authors must submit a request letter to Chief Editor of JIKM for publishing an article. The letter should be completed with
    a. biodata containing information: full name of the author and or co-author(s) (below the title), the institution where the author(s) work, areas of expertise/profession, mobile phone number, e-mail and contact address.
    b. Written statements declaring the originality of the paper and that the article submitted will not be published in other media. This statement must be signed by the author on a Rp 6000 stamp. 


  1. Reviewers must comment on the possibility of errors to do with ethics and content of the research.
  2. Reviewers should complete the job on time and notify the Editors if they can not finish the job.
  3. Reviewers must keep the confidentiality of both the author(s) and manuscript.
  4. Reviewers should not be receiving and reviewing the manuscript if there is a potential conflict of interest between the authors and them.


  1. The Editors are responsible for each article published in JIKM.
  2. Editors help the authors to keep to the Author(s) guidelines.
  3. The editors can discuss with other editors or reviewers in making a final decision.
  4. Editors must relinquish their duties if there is a potential conflict of interest.
  5. The editors’ decision must be notified to the authors along with the reviewers' comments, except that those containing offensive or libelous statements.
  6. Editor and all staffs must ensure the confidentiality of the submitted manuscript.


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