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Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat, which was issued three times a year (in March, July, November), publishes a research-based article and literature-based paper in a prevailing Public Health Science.

The submission must not have been previously published, and will never be published wholly or partially in the printed version elsewhere.

The abstract should be written both in Indonesian and English (maximum length 250 words) in a paragraph which covers Background, Method, Result, Conclusion, and Key-words (3 to 5 words).

The submission should be completed with:

  1. Effective and clear title in two languages (Indonesian and English) with a maximum 25 words
  2. Author’s full name (without titles) and co-authors (if any), email address and contact number.
  3. Institution, institution address (road, city, zip code)
  4. Corresponding Author

The content must be made on the basis of the following structure:

  1. Research-based article includes Introduction (comprises background and research objective), method (covers design, population, sample, data resources, data collection technique, and data analysis procedure), Result (research findings presented without any author’s opinion), Discussion (describes clear and argumentative findings along with relevant theories and previous related studies), Conclusions and suggestions (addressing research problems not beyond the scope of findings, suggestions should refer to research objective) and References.
  2. The literature-based paper consists of Introduction (including issues to be discussed), Discussion, Conclusions and Suggestion, References. 

Keywords are written by referring to Medical Subject Heading (MSH).

The citation is typed by using numbers recommended by Vancouver guidelines. The lay out of Vancouver style is:

  1. Surname/last name and the first letter of the first name
  2. Title
  3. Magazine name with Medicus index v
  4. Year, Volume, and page
  5. In the text, reference numeral is conformed to the sequence of citation.

In using a wide-ranging anatomy, biology and medicine terms, the authors are expected to follow Nomina Anatomica (1975), International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. The classification of Nomenclature of viruses (Fenner dan Index Medicus dan Index of Indonesian Learned Periodicals (PDIN 1974).

Table (typed with single space and numbered sequentially, the maximum number of the table is 6), illustrations, drawings, and charts must be captioned.

The manuscript which has been submitted to scientific meetings should mention the information about the meeting in the footnote section.

The submission should contain a maximum of 15 pages and is submitted in soft copy form of CD or e-mail ( The article category (research articles or literature-based paper) must be written in the upper right corner of the submission. The writing format is as follows:

  1.  A4 page size, 1 column with a space of 1.15 cm
  2. Using Microsoft Word, Times New Roman Size 11
  3. Layout; Left Margin 3 cm, Right Margin 2.5 cm, Top Margin  3 cm, Bottom Margin 2.5 cm
  4. The abstract is typed in 1 (one) column with Italic font size 10, and single spaced.
  5. Author Name: Font Size 11, center alignment and e-mail address: Font Size 10, center alignment.
  6. Title: Capital letters, bold (Bold), center alignment. Sub Title: left margin, not using numbers or letters, 1.5 spaced.
  7. The first line of the first paragraph should be indented 5 taps.
  8. Using single spaced reference.

The manuscript, which has been edited by editors, may perhaps be returned to the author if revision by the author is needed, and to be returned immediately to the editorial no later than the deadline given.

Submit a letter of request for publishing an article to the Chief Editor of JIKM which contains:

  1. Full biodata consisting of information: author’s/ co-authors’ full name (with title), workplace institution, field of expertise, mobile phone number, e-mail address and contact address.
  2. A statement testifying the originality of the paper and declaring that the manuscript will not be published in other media. This letter must be signed by author(s) on a 6000 stamp.


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