Peer-Review Process

The manuscript of Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat (JIKM)  is reviewed by peer reviewers and editorial board. All the review process are conducted in a blind review. The Chief editor made the decision who will be reviewers and makes the final decision. There are some choices of the decision. They are accepted, minor revision, major revision, and rejection.

Before manuscript was sent, it is checked by iThenticate to prevent plagiarism.  The Chief editor decided reviewers who will review a manuscript, and asked them to review, usually within 2 weeks. If reviewers mentioned that manuscript need revision, managing editor will return the manuscript to author and the author must return the revised manuscript in 2 weeks. The Chief editor sends the revised manuscript to reviewers. After acceptance by section reviewer, the manuscript  is forwarded to managing editor to be the layout. The Chief editor would send an acceptance letter to the author.

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